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Shatter and Shimmer.
So tired, but work and college was good! And I’m away with my boyfriend tomorrow for the weekend! #work #girl #tired #busy #life #excited #weekendaway
Life Updates.

I’m still at College and still at Work. I’m still with my Wonderful Boyfriend. I’m still lacking a “group” of friends.

However, I am happy.

At times, i loathe the girl i was for so long. I feel sorry for who she had become due to circumstances she had no control over. I am no longer that girl. I don’t fear seeing people who once destroyed me, i don’t fear social situations where i have to talk to people that pretended to like me.

Now if i’m in those situations, i ignore them, or i exchange pleasantries because its polite, but i don’t actually consider them to be good friends, because they never liked me, and i accept that. I don’t need their acceptance and approval.

I have a few best friends. I see them every weekend and they make me happy. For the first weekend in february i have a weekend away with my boyfriend. I’m getting better. I’m going on holiday to a bungalow in Gran Canaria with my boyfriend in July. I work with one of my closest friends, and she makes work fun. 

I am Happy.

And nobody can ruin that.

This was the best decision of my life.

it’s been a while…

Anonymous said: Where are you goiiiiing :(

To another blog. I just feel like I need to cut all ties and have somewhere that i can be 100% honest and that I can ask for help and opinions from people with out being judged :)

Bye for now.

I probably won’t be on here much anymore.
If you’re wondering where I’m off to or why, just send me an ask!
I check my emails a lot so I’ll see when I get something!

Wishing every one of my followers the best for the future :)
Byeeee xx

this is just my favourite picture why dont do girls dress like this in my school ugh

yes please
I’ve had a bad day.

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